Thursday, September 29, 2011

MicroCrafts book

It's Almost here!! Well some early copies are in my hands but the official release date of Oct 4th,2011 is approaching fast. MicroCrafts is a DIY book that shows step-by-step instructions and patterns on how to make your very own teeny and cute crafts.Just think you can make a pocket-sized creation and not have the house taken over for days/weeks with supplies and whatnot's.That certainly appeals to me:o) 
Check it out here: MicroCrafts Book

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Great Name Debate

HELLO.....Anyone out there? I know my blog looks kind of generic and I've been thinking of kicking it to the curb since I don't really have time to figure out how to make it all purty-n-stuff.Well I guess the blog will live another day but it's on life support so if any of you have any tips/tricks PLEASE leave a comment:o)
Anywhoo,back to my reason for blogging. I made a new line of dolls as mentioned in my last post and said they were called Brattitude dolls but I'm not so sure I want that as their name. The "Bratz" girls have used that term for their dolls and I want to be original so scratch that. I was thinking of calling them Tattered Teens or Tattered Tweens since they are made from tattered jeans and thrift store finds(upcycled shirts) and they have a definite teen/tween look to them. Any thoughts or other ideas? I would love to hear from you!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bratitude dolls

Another doll inspired by one of my kids.This time it was Jaden who I collaborated with to make this doll with attitude...Bratitude!. I upcycled a pair of jean legs and some flannel fabric that I've had for a while.The next time I make a doll like this(if i make another),I will make a few changes.For one thing the arms will be a little longer so that he can cross them in front,in true brat fashion;o).In my initial drawing he was supposed to be able to do that but since I am creating the pattern,I didn't know how long to make them. Also I will rethink the chains,earring and collar if they will be sold to kids,not sure if other parents would approve. I have quite a few other ideas but will save them in my head;not sure if they'll work until I'm in "create" mode. One thing that I liked about these doll is getting to use old jeans that would not get to see the light of day otherwise.His jeans were made from a pair of my jeans that I cut at the bottom to make shorts;He got one of my legs^_^ Now that I think about it,the doll reminds me of Chris Angel which is ok. I guess as long as he doesn't levitate,it's cool... If he starts levitating,he is OUTTA here! That creeps me out O.o
Well it's late and I'd better be on my way...goodnight or day wherever you are

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bear et al!

After a string of custom orders I found myself in a funk.I didn't want to make anything and was feeling really bummed when I thought about some difficult situations going on. Enter my daughter. She is always in the mood for me to create something for her. She begged me to make her a blanket for her Pajama kids doll and she wanted a little plushie for it as well. After I told her I didn't want to make anything(the funk kills creativity)I relented and made her a soft blankie out of the fabric of her choice and even scented the doughnut plushie I had made(it was "frosting" scented). After that, the funk went away(don't know where it went-maybe to Motown or something were it's been missing for years;o)).Feeling a renewed sense of creativity,I started to work on a plush version of my Costumed Kids dolls.The face of the dolls look like the ones I've been making for 2 years but they are wearing plush bear costumes. It's kind of whimsical and quirky but I'm happy with how it came out. After I made a brown bear costumed doll I made a Panda one and am starting on one in a pink bear costume. I have supplies for at least 2 more in different colors/themes. I'm not sure if I'll include other animal varieties..we'll see how things go. I'll be praying for the funk to stay away so I can get some work done:o)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Art is much deeper than the canvas it's created on

Hello all!
I hope you are all doing well on this late evening(at least where I'm at it's late). I've been spending much of my time creating "art" which can really mean anything I suppose.Art is whatever you find beautiful,creative,interesting and worth a moment of reflection. I know from experience that art is so much deeper than the canvas it's created on(or any other surface for that matter). I can't really explain what happens when I create...I go in to my studio with an idea and come out with something that I can't really remember HOW I made. Strange huh? I guess I try little things here and there and eventually all those little choices come together to make something. I used to get overwhelmed with making things because there is so much that has to be planned in advance and there are so many decisions that can make or break your creative flow. Not so much anymore though because I learned to start with what you know and work your way around the other things as you come to them. I guess that's how to live life in general...kind of like "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it" thinking.It takes the pressure off and frees you up to live in the moment. Wow,life lessons and art all in the first paragraph of my blog.I really had no intention of going all "philosophical" but it fits today:o)
Currently I am working on making my dolls and a few other ventures that I hope will take my love to create to a whole other level.We'll see what happens,I wish I could share more because I'm really excited!I'm resisting the urge to jump on the couch in Tom Cruise style but this is something I must keep quiet and blogging about what it is specifically would seriously blow it,hmmph!
Anyways,after that cliff hanger there's not much else to say except I'm really tired. It's almost 1:30am and my cozy blanket is calling to me...gooodnight:o)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soon to be published!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing my crafts appear in a book that's set to be released fall 2011.I was contacted last year by Margaret Mcguire,the editor of the book and she asked if I'd like to be included in a book they were publishing called Micro Crafts. Of course I said YES!!!After I stared at my computer screen for a few minutes and read the message multiple times I got to work creating my craft to meet the requirements.It had to be smaller than a spool of thread so my Spool dolls fit into that well.I needed to show step-by-step instructions,list all my supplies,take pics,fill out an Artist bio and send off a few dolls to be professionally photographed by them.I seriously can't wait to see the book all put together and in my hand.I've seen a first version and it's gonna be great!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ever considered taking a hiatus?

Hello everyone,
Is it just me or is the Facebook,twitter,flickr,Blogging,etc getting you down?I have moments that I want to just cut off all technology related stuff,take a hiatus and go back to the simpler time of a few years ago(a simpler time for me at least).Admittedly I am online way too much and some of it's for a good reason(I sell on etsy)but other times I just slip back into the habit of checking emails,status updates,our restaurant reviews,my flickr stats etc.It's like I'm looking for something...maybe a sign that I still exist in the world.That's sad,I know.
Technology has been used for some great things for me.I tend to be a shy person and it has allowed me the chance to connect with others when I would've otherwise felt too awkward.It has allowed me to show my art beyond what I ever imagined.The down side is that too often I've looked to these social websites as a "fill in the void" of my life.I need some balance.
I must reconnect with old friends,spend time with my kids and husband,visit my family,and take another hard look at my faith to get the balance back.