Friday, March 11, 2011

Ever considered taking a hiatus?

Hello everyone,
Is it just me or is the Facebook,twitter,flickr,Blogging,etc getting you down?I have moments that I want to just cut off all technology related stuff,take a hiatus and go back to the simpler time of a few years ago(a simpler time for me at least).Admittedly I am online way too much and some of it's for a good reason(I sell on etsy)but other times I just slip back into the habit of checking emails,status updates,our restaurant reviews,my flickr stats etc.It's like I'm looking for something...maybe a sign that I still exist in the world.That's sad,I know.
Technology has been used for some great things for me.I tend to be a shy person and it has allowed me the chance to connect with others when I would've otherwise felt too awkward.It has allowed me to show my art beyond what I ever imagined.The down side is that too often I've looked to these social websites as a "fill in the void" of my life.I need some balance.
I must reconnect with old friends,spend time with my kids and husband,visit my family,and take another hard look at my faith to get the balance back.


  1. I know what you mean. Especially about friendships, "fill in the void" and being a shy person who finally found a nice and way to connect with people. Even though it seems this kind of relationship forces you to be online constantly, otherwise you will be easily forgotten, lol. How many times I thought about committing a "facebook suicide" kind of thing, cut it all off and turn back to the old ways! This whole thing gets me tired sometimes. I take a break when I travel to visit my family and don't have any computer around. It's almost like being free for a while. But just like you said, it's all about balance. Sometimes this is the only way to reach nice people and stuff from far away.
    I'm online everyday. What I try to do is check my emails and FB quickly. Then I turn my favorite radio on and that's all. If I stay more than this I know it's a day wasted :(

  2. Hi Lindsay,
    The "facebook suicide" has come to mind often for me too.Then I think about how many photo's I've uploaded and realize if I changed my mind and wanted to revive my account,it would take forever to reload all the pics,lol.
    Thank you for leaving a comment,
    I think you helped put some words to my dilemma about not wanting to be forgotten;that's exactly why I work so hard(sometimes too hard).
    It gets exhausting and reveals the bad points about always being "plugged in" so I will follow your example by giving a quick look to emails etc and then get onto the business of living in my tangible life.No more wasted days!!:o)
    Thanks for the reminder:o)