Friday, May 20, 2011

Art is much deeper than the canvas it's created on

Hello all!
I hope you are all doing well on this late evening(at least where I'm at it's late). I've been spending much of my time creating "art" which can really mean anything I suppose.Art is whatever you find beautiful,creative,interesting and worth a moment of reflection. I know from experience that art is so much deeper than the canvas it's created on(or any other surface for that matter). I can't really explain what happens when I create...I go in to my studio with an idea and come out with something that I can't really remember HOW I made. Strange huh? I guess I try little things here and there and eventually all those little choices come together to make something. I used to get overwhelmed with making things because there is so much that has to be planned in advance and there are so many decisions that can make or break your creative flow. Not so much anymore though because I learned to start with what you know and work your way around the other things as you come to them. I guess that's how to live life in general...kind of like "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it" thinking.It takes the pressure off and frees you up to live in the moment. Wow,life lessons and art all in the first paragraph of my blog.I really had no intention of going all "philosophical" but it fits today:o)
Currently I am working on making my dolls and a few other ventures that I hope will take my love to create to a whole other level.We'll see what happens,I wish I could share more because I'm really excited!I'm resisting the urge to jump on the couch in Tom Cruise style but this is something I must keep quiet and blogging about what it is specifically would seriously blow it,hmmph!
Anyways,after that cliff hanger there's not much else to say except I'm really tired. It's almost 1:30am and my cozy blanket is calling to me...gooodnight:o)

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