Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tons of dolls and family changes!!

Happy fall!!!
I think, to date, I've made over 60 dolls.Whew! Just a little idea last year has become a bit of an obsession.I'm trying out a new style of doll that I will list as soon as I get a breather*sigh*.Aside from the dolls and other crafty ventures,I am working on moving.We're trying to stay in our current area so we don't have to take the kids out of school midway through the year but if necessary we will go farther.It's a huge step for our family and a lot of changes will take place but wherever we end up will be fine because we are all together.We're learning about teamwork,as a family of 6, and it will take some grace for us to be all that I know we can be.God has given us a good family,good friends and an awesome church so we will be surrounded by supportive people as we grow:o)This really is an exciting time even though I worry about how all the details will work out.We're waiting for the bank to accept our offer on a house(eeeek!)so whenever the phone rings I run to see if it's our real estate agent.Recently I ran to get the phone,so fast,that I kicked the door frame and seriously hurt my toes.I thought the 2 littlest ones were broken--it hurt so bad!No x-rays for me though,I had a pumpkin carving party to go to!Anyways,I iced my foot for a few days and it's much better.The phone call was regarding voting...I was sooo mad>:/
Well now I force myself to walk to the phone and I won't let myself read the caller id either.Lots to learn about patience too.Well I'm off to bed z-z-z-z