Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Thai dolls and new Thai restaurant

Hello all!
Just a quick note/update(I always say that don't I?)
I've been creating again! We (and our partners) just opened a Thai restaurant in the Cleveland Heights area and it inspired me to create my first Thai doll.Her name is Ging, just like my niece in Thailand.I had this idea for over a year and drew the doll several ways but ended up realizing that I was over thinking the design and just jumped in.I try to iron out all the details before I put in the hours but sometimes you don't know where you'll end up until you take the plunge.There are a few things I may change but for now,I like her.I bought some supplies to make a few more in different colors so hopefully more to come:o)

As for the's called High Thai'd cafe' and it's taking the place of a well loved Thai restaurant called "Mint Cafe".We have an uphill battle since this restaurant was very popular but we are certainly working hard at keeping the previous customers as well as welcoming new ones.There's a saying in Thailand that says when the Tide is high,you have to make your move because it won't stay that way forever(ie,strike when the iron's hot).As I mentioned with making dolls(or doing anything new for that matter)sometimes you just have to jump in and we did.So we shall see what this New year brings...hopefully good things:o)