Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ice Cream KeychainTutorial for my DIY Kits

I recently posted 8 Ice cream keychain kits on etsy.I've been making them myself and was asked by several people if they could make one for themselves so I made up 8(for now). They come with the pre-cut felt pieces,embroidered cone pieces,ribbon,keyring,beads,poly-fil batting and color instructions. I will be putting more detailed instructions on here for those that would like a little more help(I do better with LOTS of pictures when I'm making a new craft).
As well as making these kits I've been making a bunch of spool dolls and kokeshi dolls to feed my obsession for all things Asian;o) .Those are also in my etsy shop and more to come in a few days,I hope!!Well I hope you like my crafty things:oD