Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kokeshi kids Dolls

I've been making these lately.It's been hard to keep up with posting to my blog when I make something since I have so many things to do(4 kids,facebook,etsy,flickr,emails etc).Speaking of making things,I'm going to my craftstation/studio right now since I have another Kokeshi "calling to me" :o)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Been Busy

I've been doing many things lately,so much that I was getting stressed out.I'd start doing something and get called away by someone only to forget what I was doing.:o( . Well in that time of chaos I did bake some awesome cookies and rolled about 15-20 eggrolls with a friend.
at least those came out GOOD!

I also added a body to this felt doll head that I'd made for my daughter.I'm still figuring out what to change on my pattern since I don't like how her head had to be attached to her body(sounds weird saying that).Anyways she was completed a few days ago and now I'm off to the craft room(maybe tomorrow) to make my daughter a simple cotton jumper or a shirt...whatever is simpler since I've got my "plate full". Maybe things will find their proper order in my life in the next few days(I'm praying) since the boys are back in school....We'll see:o)
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Been Crafting up a storm!

I've been making lots of stuff!! Here's a few examples of what I've been doing

a fabric button ring with vintage beads
Gary plushie for Jaden(8 years)
A cute plushie for Sunee.It's scented(Cherry Blossom)

A shell necklace for MOI!

Lots of felt ice cream cones that can be a keychain or put on a ribbon necklace for little girls.They are scented too!!!
This is just a few things that I've been making:o)
Til next time

Friday, July 17, 2009

Garage sales are fun!

When I was a teenager(mid 80's),I would go to garage sales with my best friend and her family. We'd pile into their huge van with the classified's in hand and stop at just about every sale there was. It was a fun time fro me and something I wanted to "pass on" to my kids. Lately my 4 kids have been wanting to go somewhere everyday and I was running out of ideas of free/cheap things to do.As I drove my older son home from summer school,I noticed a zillion garage sale signs and remembered how fun it was for me to go "garage sale-ing" so I decided to take them to a couple.Immediately my 15 year old son saw a tivo for $10 and at the next garage sale saw a mini tv/vcr combo for $15.He happily bought them both.My 4 year old daughter saw a Mary-kate and Ashley purse for $1 and bought it(with her "fun money").I found 5 ribbon necklaces(new/sealed in bag) and for 50 cents, a Big book of Bible stories(good reference guide when I teach children's church).The next sale My daughter could barely contain herself when she saw a pile of stuffed animals.She found a silk Ty Beanie buddie dog that she bought for 50cents and the oldest of the twins bought a mini cassette voice recorder for $2.The younger of the twins saved his fun money for what he hopes will await him tomorrow at another garage sale.I hope that he finds something that he loves since he used restraint by not buying just because he had $ in his pocket. It was good to get out and hopefully start a fun summer tradition with the kids.....making memories

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's too late to Blog but I'll do it anyways

Once again I have only a few minutes to post goes:
A couple days ago My sons big crayfish(Mr. Crawjers) died. We had him 1 year and though he looked like a big bug, we liked him...a lot

I've been wanting to do a test run of a craft kit that I made to sell on etsy.I asked my twin boys(8 years) if they'd like to try making one (a felt keychain that looks like a Popsicle).They said o.k. so it's a matter of getting my butt in the basement(craftroom) to get started.
I have to teach Children's Church this week so I also need to plan a lesson and a craft for 12-16 pre-K kiddies.
Looking forward to 4th of July!!!! Hooray for independence...I even made the above felt keychain to celebrate the occasion. Enjoy your day and your freedom.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just a little info cause I'm busy

Hi all,
So this is my 1st blog and I'll try to be brief cause my kids are calling to me from outside,they want me to play basketball. It's a little funny that they'd even want me to play anything "sport-like" with them since I've never been into sports(o.k. maybe badminton but that's it!). Anyways I have 4 awesome kids that I'll tell more about later(to their dismay) and a easy-going husband that I've been married to for almost 16 years. I love to make craft stuff and especially love to see my kids get creative and think outside of the box when they make things.Currently I have a shop on etsy
( where I finally have a place to sell the things that I love to make. Right now in my basement I have a whole room devoted to art and crafts.The room is "guarded" by 3 giant goldfish in an aquarium and 7 small crayfish(ready to pinch any would be art thieves;o)).
I'm almost done with a big 11X14 shadowbox that has a watergarden and koi all done with paper quilling.I just remembered I said I'd be brief....I'll have to learn what that means:o) I guess I'll have to end this blog abruptly(sorry,it's a cliff hanger).