Friday, August 19, 2011

Bratitude dolls

Another doll inspired by one of my kids.This time it was Jaden who I collaborated with to make this doll with attitude...Bratitude!. I upcycled a pair of jean legs and some flannel fabric that I've had for a while.The next time I make a doll like this(if i make another),I will make a few changes.For one thing the arms will be a little longer so that he can cross them in front,in true brat fashion;o).In my initial drawing he was supposed to be able to do that but since I am creating the pattern,I didn't know how long to make them. Also I will rethink the chains,earring and collar if they will be sold to kids,not sure if other parents would approve. I have quite a few other ideas but will save them in my head;not sure if they'll work until I'm in "create" mode. One thing that I liked about these doll is getting to use old jeans that would not get to see the light of day otherwise.His jeans were made from a pair of my jeans that I cut at the bottom to make shorts;He got one of my legs^_^ Now that I think about it,the doll reminds me of Chris Angel which is ok. I guess as long as he doesn't levitate,it's cool... If he starts levitating,he is OUTTA here! That creeps me out O.o
Well it's late and I'd better be on my way...goodnight or day wherever you are