Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just a little info cause I'm busy

Hi all,
So this is my 1st blog and I'll try to be brief cause my kids are calling to me from outside,they want me to play basketball. It's a little funny that they'd even want me to play anything "sport-like" with them since I've never been into sports(o.k. maybe badminton but that's it!). Anyways I have 4 awesome kids that I'll tell more about later(to their dismay) and a easy-going husband that I've been married to for almost 16 years. I love to make craft stuff and especially love to see my kids get creative and think outside of the box when they make things.Currently I have a shop on etsy
( where I finally have a place to sell the things that I love to make. Right now in my basement I have a whole room devoted to art and crafts.The room is "guarded" by 3 giant goldfish in an aquarium and 7 small crayfish(ready to pinch any would be art thieves;o)).
I'm almost done with a big 11X14 shadowbox that has a watergarden and koi all done with paper quilling.I just remembered I said I'd be brief....I'll have to learn what that means:o) I guess I'll have to end this blog abruptly(sorry,it's a cliff hanger).