Friday, March 11, 2011

Ever considered taking a hiatus?

Hello everyone,
Is it just me or is the Facebook,twitter,flickr,Blogging,etc getting you down?I have moments that I want to just cut off all technology related stuff,take a hiatus and go back to the simpler time of a few years ago(a simpler time for me at least).Admittedly I am online way too much and some of it's for a good reason(I sell on etsy)but other times I just slip back into the habit of checking emails,status updates,our restaurant reviews,my flickr stats etc.It's like I'm looking for something...maybe a sign that I still exist in the world.That's sad,I know.
Technology has been used for some great things for me.I tend to be a shy person and it has allowed me the chance to connect with others when I would've otherwise felt too awkward.It has allowed me to show my art beyond what I ever imagined.The down side is that too often I've looked to these social websites as a "fill in the void" of my life.I need some balance.
I must reconnect with old friends,spend time with my kids and husband,visit my family,and take another hard look at my faith to get the balance back.